Knockeen Hills:Irish Poteen. Triple and Quadruple Distilled
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2006 I.W.S.C.


SILVER MEDAL (Best In Class)

In 2006 the above medal was won by the following entries and no other award was made in the Irish Poteen category.

Gold Extra-Strength 80% Vol.

Gold Extra-Strength 90% Vol.

110 US PROOF Special Reserve.

180 US PROOF Special Reserve.


In 2003 the only Irish Spirit to be awarded a GOLD Medal was Knockeen Hills Farmers Strength 60% volume. No other Irish Poteen is produced having won a GOLD medal at the I.W.S.C


In 2006 the number of marks out of 100 and awards, are made using the Competition's previous existing point system, described below:

90-100 GOLD Outstanding example; setting the standard

80-89.9 SILVER Fine example; excellent quality

75-79.9 BRONZE Good example; well above average.


In the I.W.S.C. 2005 Competition, 'Other Spirits - Poteen' category, Knockeen Hills continued its run since 2000 of being the only award-winning Irish Poteen brand. Ten medals have been won at this Competition, by Knockeen Hills since entries commenced in the year 2000.

Information about the competition, can be found on the I.W.S.C. web site.