Knockeen Hills:Irish Poteen. Triple and Quadruple Distilled
Award winning Irish Poteen Logos

International Wine and Spirit Competition

Gold Strength.

70% Vol. (140 US PROOF)


2008 I.W.S.C.

'Irish Poteen'

SILVER MEDAL (Best In Class)

In 2008 the above medal was won, being the only 'Poteen' award.


2007 I.W.S.C.

'Irish Poteen'

SILVER MEDAL (Best In Class)

In 2007 the above medal was awarded and was the only Irish Poteen award. (Point score 84.7)

Gold Strength 70% Vol.

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2000 I.W.S.C.

'Other White Spirits Category'


Bronze Winner:


Knockeen Hills Gold Strength 70% Vol.


In the Millennium I.W.S.C. 2000 competition, 'Knockeen Hills Gold Strength 70% Abv. poteen won the'Bronze Award'.

It is the only Irish Poteen to have won a 'Bronze Award' in this category. This certificate can be viewed here.

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Information about the competition, can be found on the I.W.S.C. web site by clicking here.