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Irish Poteen Protected GI Status Irish Poteen is a European Union G.I. Protected Status Spirit                                For commercial users click here



EU Trademark:000 415539 Knockeen Hills Poteen®

Commitment to premium outstanding quality, integrity and provenance.

The Knockeen Hills brand commenced production and bottling 22 years ago in Waterford, Ireland, with a singular aim to create an ultra-premium bespoke luxury Irish poteen. Having achieved this early in its life, it continues this commitment.

Recently, this became further driven by the recognition that it is the only poteen product complying with EU legislation, authorising its use of distillate exceeding 94.7% vol. This permitted the continuing use of ultra-high strength Irish whey spirit distillate, also known as ethyl alcohol, which when combined with the products selection of natural and organic botanicals, provided an exceptional smooth delicate taste with a similarly outstandingly smooth delivery of the spirit on the palate. All products in its range have these properties.

All Knockeen Hills poteens offer an excellent and versatile cocktail base. For easy-to-make cocktail recipes, simply substitute poteen for bacardi, gin, tequila, vodka or whiskey. Click here for signature cocktails. Additionally, it can be uniquely added 'without any curdling effect' to other Irish cream spirit products. An outstanding example is a chocolate orange truffle Irish cream liquer (click here).

Brand winner of 14 Gold and Silver (Best in Class) medals over 15 years from such competitions, as the I.W.S.C.

A truly totally unique, family owned world-wide spirit drink, first produced in 1996.

The following review of Knockeen Hills 60% vol. triple-distilled Irish poteen 'Farmers Strength and 90% vol. triple-distilled 'Gold Extra-Strength' by Raymond Blake, first appeared in FOOD AND WINE Magazine (Ireland's food and wine Bible):-

"Knockeen Hills was first reviewed in FOOD AND WINE IRELAND back in 2002 and enjoys daddy-of-them-all status in the world of poitin. This "Farmers Strength" is aptly named: a sharp arresting nose with a slightly pugent snap will wake up the sleepiest of nostrils and alert the palate to the uncomprimising flavour to come. There's a no-holds-barred quality to this tipple. Not for beginners perhaps, but worthy of affecionados' attention. And if you like this, then be sure to try the quadruple-distilled Gold Extra-Strength."©

Product is available world-wide in various bottle sizes.

More than 99.5% of our ingredients are sourced in Ireland. The only exception are the natural flavourings, not produced there. Irish poteen products are however permitted under EU legislation to comprise up to to 50% of imported material.

All our products in the range and listed below have been awarded a minimum Silver Medal (Best in Class) by the International Wine & Spirit Competition, and are either triple or quadrupled-distilled.

They are all stocked online from and who both deliver to many countries.

Farmers Strength 60% vol. (Gold Medal)

Gold Strength 70% vol. (Silver Medal, Best in Class)

Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. (Silver Medal, Best in Class)

For more details click on Product Reviews, or send an email to

Some brands of Irish poteen may be less expensive to buy in the UK, than in Ireland. Additionally, whilst the Irish and UK Governments suibmitted a joint application to the EU for G.I. Status, the Irish Revenue Commissioners implemented a much more frequent verification system, and therefore more expensive regime for poteen producers than Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in the UK. The lower costs in the UK effectively provide a subsidy for producers based there and it is suggested you might wish to compare brand prices before placing orders.



"Irish Poteen/Irish Potin is now exported to numerous countries worldwide and expected to grow to one million cases by 2025."

Extract from the "TECHNICAL FILE SETTING OUT THE SPECIFICATIONS WITH WHICH IRISH POTEEN/IRISH POITIN MUST COMPLY" dated 20th February 2015, submitted by the Food Industry Development Division, Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Dublin, Ireland, jointly with the Department of the Envoirnment for Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom, to the EU Commission, for registration.

The above level of anticipated exports was calculated by The Irish Spirits Association, who also drew up the Draft Technical File, at the request of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Dublin, Ireland.



Irish poteen has been produced for several centuries and for nearly the last 300 years has been frequently referred to as Ireland's Moonshine spirit. During the period 1666, until recently, in various forms it has been illegal to sell it in Ireland.

In the 15th and 16th Century, English crown agents, and in later times the Garda, could impose heavy fines and confiscate farm machinery where sacks of grain or barley were found that they decided were intended to be used to produce a mash and subsequently poteen. Hiding such tell-tale signs meant that poteen producers' would work without the risk of prosecution, fines and imprisonment.

As no cow was ever known to have been confiscated, milk was frequently used in the spirit-making process. Our poteens proudly follow that centuries-old tradition.

It was not until 1997 that all restrictions were lifted and Irish poteen could be sold in Ireland.

Whilst within the last 20 years several illicit stills were producing limited quantities, the raids carried out by the Garda (Irish Police) have reduced this to a few. With the recent discovery of dead rats in some of the mash that has been confiscated, few people will now drink illegal poteen, despite the substantial saving on the Irish Excise Duty.



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