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The Sunday Telegraph Magazine - August 25th 2002

Sunday Telegraph Cover August 2002

Drink: Giles Kime chooses poteen at Waitrose.

'ALONG WITH TEQUILA, ABSINTHE AND grappa, poteen is one of the formerly offbeat spirits that is basking in new found popularity. Waitrose has recently listed the Knockeen Hill Irish Poteen (£14.99 for a 50cl. bottle ) and it seems inevitable that other supermarkets will follow.

Historically, making poteen has been one of Ireland's most popular cottage industries, despite the fact that distilling it was illegal until 1990. Made from grain (or in some cases potatoes) it is now shaking off its reputation as 'Celtic Moonshine'.

It is a wonderful, aromatic spirit, with a light, diaphanous flavour, the result of being triple-distilled.

It comes in three strengths: 60% ABV, 70% Abv - and a stupefying 90 per cent for the brave and foolhardy drinker.

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