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'Luxury Irish Moonshine Ice Cream Launched'

The Voice of the Irish in Britain
February 2, 2000

A 4.25% Abv luxury dairy ice cream containing Waterford bottled triple-distilled Irish Poteen has been launched in time for the millennium St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen has introduced a range of individual Luxury Ice Cream Bombs containing their own 70% Abv Gold Strength poteen. The 260ml "Bombas" are rated at 4.25% Abv.

A company spokesman urged consumption in moderation, as he said, "eating more than one portion could cause failure of a breathalyser test." The ice cream will, initially, onlu be available through licensed premises serving food as it is aimed squarely at the adult market.

By comparison with other liquor based ice creams this Irish Poteen ice cream is more than six times stronger than its nearest competitors, which produce an ice cream with Baileys, having an Abv rating of just 0.68% Abv.

The flavours initially available are luxury vanilla rippled with chocolate blossoms, vanilla with a madarin or lemon sauce, or plain vanilla.