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Irish FlagFood & Wine: 'Three to Try'

Raymond Blake, Editor
November 2014

Below is an excerpt from the 'Three to Try' article in Food & Wine Magazine in November 2014. Read the full review here (PDF)

Knockeen Hills was reviewed in FOOD & WINE back in 2002 and enjoys daddy-of-them-all status in the world of poitín. This 'Farmers Strength' is aptly named: a sharp, arresting nose with a slight pungent snap will wake up the sleepiest of nostrils and alert the palate to the uncompromising flavour to come. There's a no-holds-barred quality to this tipple. Not for beginners, perhaps, but worthy of aficionados' attention. And if you like this then be sure to try the quadruple-distilled Gold Extra-Strength. Brothers, Jack and Stephen Teeling, along with distiller Alex Chasko are the people who are bringing distilling back to Dublin. As you read this, work is progressing on their new distillery in the Liberties, which is due to be commissioned at the end of the year. In the meantime, we have this punchy delight to wrap our chops around. There's an intense fruit hit on the nose and palate and, despite the strength, the texture is smooth and sweet, with a succulent, lingering finish