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The producers of Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen actively encourage the consumption of alcohol in moderation and always decline to directly advertise its products in the media, use the medium of 'advertorials', or provide complimentary samples as a marketing practice. Further, listing fees are not provided or payment made for any display purpose, both of which could be seen as paid advertising.

Whilst not members of the U.K. Portman Group we unreservedly support their policy in the UK of, 'If you do do drink, don't do drunk'. The U.K.Government's policy of 'It's not cool to get drunk' is also supported.

All reasonable steps will be taken to withdraw the supply to outlets, who offer Knockeen Hills in 'happy hours' or any other similar type of promotion.

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UK Flag BBC1, Breakfast News Complaint to BBC

Complaint to BBC
"Serious breach of broadcasting standards upheld" 
January 2000