Knockeen Hills:Irish Poteen. Triple and Quadruple Distilled
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Weekend Magazine April 27th 2002 - P.83

by Fiona Beckett

Knockeen Irish Poteen

'Triple-distilled Farmers strength' reads the label on the bottle. Well, that's a new one on me. Never met a distilled farmer, let alone one that's been triple distilled.

What they really mean, of course, is that Knockeen Poteen (pronounced putcheen) is a bit of a headbanger - 60% Abv. for the basic version, 90% for the very top of the range. The 60% is very palatable, a sweet, slightly grainy, vanilla-scented bevvy reminiscent of Tequila. It tastes good on the rocks or as a frozen shot, and makes a mean margarita.

Poteen, at one time illegal in Ireland, is now respectable enough to be served in New York's TGI Friday's (and in UK branches later this year), where it's used to make cocktails such as the Irish Tart (blended with strawberries, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream).

You can buy a 50cl bottle of the 60% version from Waitrose for £14.99. The 70% version, meanwhile is available at Bottoms Up and Thresher for £23.49 for 70cl.