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If you wish to make a direct personal order to the USA, either:

If you have any questions to ask regarding imports to the USA, send an email.

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Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen.

Product range:

Bottle size:

Number of Bottles:

Farmers Strength 120 US PROOF.


Gold Strength 160 US PROOF.


Gold Strength 180 US PROOF.


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Once a quotation has been requested, the Federal and State taxes,together all freight charges including sea-freight, can be calculated then added to the quotation, with guide prices set out below, together with actual bottle supply costs. All products meet B.A.T.F. regulations. Fully comprehesive insurance is included in the bottle supply price.

Guide notes for approximately the following charges:-

  • All freight charges, plus sea freight, $190.00-$230.00 up to 12 bottles.
  • Customs duty, Merchandise tax, and Federal tax, 0.1% - 0.2% of amount of bottle supply prices, and freight charges.

Bottle supply prices US$. 700ml. 1lt.

Farmers Strength 120 US PROOF. 700ml: 55.00 1lt: 78.75

Gold Strength 160 US PROOF. 700ml: 69.50 1lt: 98.50

Gold Extra-Strength 180 US PROOF. 700ml: 98.25 1lt: 149.50

Terms of payment:

Bank transfer to U.K. on receipt of invoice.


Four weeks from receipt of payment.

Rates of exchange:

US$ to English £. US$ 1.30 = £1.00

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