Knockeen Hills:Irish Poteen. Triple and Quadruple Distilled
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The producer of Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen supports the Portman Group's new policy in the UK, to no longer allow any alcoholic beverage to be marketed as 'slammers',' shooters'; which is designed to curb 'down in one' drinking.

Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen ® is an ideal cocktail base and can be simply substituted for bacardi, gin, tequila, vodka or whiskey in any cocktail recipe.

Comprehensive full colour cocktail cards containing 15 recipes can be viewed and downloaded. For the Farmers Strength 60% vol. card, click here, and the Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. card, click here.

Leigh Miller, pictured below won the 1996 TGI Fridays World Bartending Champion and was twice the World Flair Bartending Champion. Together with other renowned specialist bartenders,he opened the now well known very successful cocktail bar, BeAtOne in London. He used the 90% ABV (180 US Proof) quadruple-distilled, Gold Extra-Strength Poteen to create the following classic Knockeen Hills cocktails range. Click here for the Classic Range.

For the cocktail 'Noite' created for the InterWhiskey Frankfurt in November 2008, click here. The producers of Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen, consider that the use of Monin Syrups has subtantially contributed to the smoothness and aftertaste of this cocktail. Monin Syrups can be purchased in the UK, by clicking on this link, whilst to obtain supplies in other countries, please click here.

Leigh MillerBe At One

TGI Fridays

Paul ' Two Fingers' Collard, TGI Fridays longest serving Cocktail Bar Manager, has created several premium cocktails. Using the award winning 70% Abv. Gold Strength Poteen and the cocktails are displayed in order of his personal preference. To see these, click here...

For Quick n Easy Cocktails, click here...

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