Knockeen Hills:Irish Poteen. Triple and Quadruple Distilled
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Brand History

  • IRISH WORLD NEWSPAPER - Highlights Irish Winners of the 37th International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • IRELAND - Stena Line increases Knockeen Hills range in 2006. Bronze Medal Winner at the I.W.S.C. Knockeen Hills Gold Strength 70% vol., is additionally available on the Stena Explorer (Holyhead and Dun Loaghaire) and Stena Lynx III (Fishguard and Rosslare). Gift sets are also available.
  • BTI TARIFF CLASSIFICATION 2208906900 issued 20/04/2006.
  • U.S.A - Applications are now invited from companies wishing to be appointed a State sole distributor.
  • GERMANY - Irisch-Lifestyle appointed sole importer with effect from 15th April 2005. They are also sole importer for Jameson's Gold, Jameson 18 Year Old Master Selection, Powers 12 Year Old Special Reserve, Green Spot Pure Pot Still, & Redbreast.
  • U. K. - The National Theatre will be using 90% Vol. Gold Extra-Strength Knockeen Hills Poteen in their production in Ireland of Andy Rolfe by Irish playwright Brian Fills to create an authentic aura of the times.
  • SCOTLAND - Peckham and Rye chain of specialist food and drink retail outlets are stocking the GOLD MEDAL 60% vol. Farmers Strength, & the 2006 I.W.S.C. SILVER MEDAL (Best in Class) 90% vol. Gold Extra-Strength at outlets in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling.
  • THAILAND - Several Irish bars wish to stock Knockeen Hills and importers in Thailand are invited to make contact.
  • IRELAND - Stena Line best selling new irish spirit listing in 2004. After a successful trial a permanent listing was provided for the GOLD MEDAL Winning Farmers Strength 60% Vol. (120 US PROOF). It is available on the Stena Explorer (Holyhead and Dun Loaghaire) and Stena Lynx III (Fishguard and Rosslare). Gift sets are also available.
  • IRELAND - P&O Irish Ferries - Freight Ships M.V.Norbay and M.V. Norbank now stock Irish Poteen.
  • SINGAPORE - Forty Sips Enterprise - Leading specialist spirit and liquer distributor appointed. They will be showing Knockeen Hills at the Wine for Asia 2004 Exhibition on 4th -7th November 2004.
  • UK Customs & Excise - Zero-rated vat applies to storage charges for bonded goods in UK Tax Warehouses -
  • ENGLAND - Evil Eye Lounge, York. This premiere bar and club in York, now offers a very extensive range of Knockeen Hills cocktails
  • GILBERT OF RUGBY & Knockeen Hills - have licenced a Model Irish Stylised Rugby Ball, hand cast in 590 million year old blue Welsh slate. It has a worldwide limited edition totaling 500. His Excellency Ambassador Dáithí O'Ceallaigh, of the Embassy of Ireland in London will be presenting the first pre-production model to a children's charity, for auction.
  • GIFT RANGE LAUNCHED Gift Sets incorporating crystal engraved glassware with glass flasks of Irish Poteen, and personalised miniatures now available.
  • Waitrose supermarkets launch a St. Patrick's Day competition on their web site www.waitrose.co.uk with prizes of 50cl flasks of 60% ABV Farmers' Strength.
  • DENMARK - Mac Y appointed importer. Successfully exhibited Knockeen Hills at the international Whisky Messen.
  • CANADA - Liquor Control Board of the Province of British Columbia listing Knockeen Hills 101 US PROOF.
  • CANADA - Liquor Control Board of the Province of Ontario listing Knockeen Hills 101 US PROOF in their 'Vintages' outlets.
  • GIBRALTAR - Saccone & Speed (Gibraltar) Ltd., leading spirit importer appointed - Over 30 outlets IN Gibraltar now listing Knockeen Hills.
  • UNITED KINGDOM - CST Irish Imports appointed a distributor for M25 Area London, England.
  • SPAIN - leading spirit importer appointed.
  • WWW.COCKTAIL.CO.UK First 6 places in top 10 new cocktails feature Knockeen Hills. March 2003
  • IRELAND - 'Waterford News & Star - Waterford Poteen is Not Used in Banned Alcopop
  • ICE MAGAZINE - Booze Olympics - Knockeen Hills Gold Extra-Strength 90% Abv. wins Silver Medal in a field of 20 international specialist spirits. "Despite being viciously strong, its smooth vanilla taste got a thumbs up from the tasters". September 2002
  • 'HOT HARPERS ON-TRADE' - NEW PRODUCTS - 'a cocktail mixologist's dream'. 25th August 2002
  • 'SUNDAY TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE' - DRINK - Giles Kime chooses poteen at Waitrose. 'It is a wonderful, aromatic spirit with a light, diaphanous flavour'. 25th August 2002
  • CANADA - Nationwide Canadian Licencing Approval Received. Canadian Standards Product Code: #635615 issued.
  • CANADA - Province of Alberta receives first shipment of Knockeen Hills.
  • 'THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER- Weekend Magazine' 'Bargain of the Week' Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen 70% Vol. 1lt Gold Strength, P&O Stena Dover/Calais
  • 'HARPERS - Wine & Spirit Weekly' - Susy Atkins reports on a controversial drink's move to the mainstream. June 2002
  • 'THE WINE MAGAZINE' - The review
    May 2002
  • 'THE GUARDIAN' - Weekend Magazine
    April 2002
  • 'THE IRISH POST' - Voice of the Irish in Britain
    April 2002
  • 'THE DAILY MIRROR' - Life & Style Magazine review
    April 2002
  • 'THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY' - The Sunday Review Magazine
    March 2002
    (Ireland's No.1 Food, Drink and Travel Guide) award March 2002 'Bouquet' to Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen.
  • WWW.ALCOHOLREVIEWS.COM - Three ¾ Star Award - Good / Very Good - Will drink and even pay for / Will seek out for purchase. February 2002
  • WWW.ALCOHOLREVIEWS.COM - Four Star Award (Gold Strength 70% Abv.) - Very Good - Will Seek Out For Purchase
  • 'CLASS MAGAZINE' - Three star award, to 90% Abv Gold Extra-Strength
  • WAITROSE stock 50cl flask of 60% ABV Farmers' Strength at selected outlets.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation - Complaint by Knockeen Hills - 'Serious breach of broadcasting standards' - Upheld
  • MINIATURES available in 5cl glass bottles.
  • DUBLIN AND SHANNON DUTY-FREE SHOPS stock 1lt. Gold Strength 70% Abv.
  • BOTTOMS UP AND THRESHERS off-licences list the 70cl. Gold Strength 70% Abv. poteen
  • THE KNOCKEEN HILLS SAUSAGE ® is available. A traditional Irish Pork sausage, combining a subtle selection of herb and spices with Fresh Farm Assured Irish Pork, marinated with the award winning Waterford bottled Knockeen Hills 70% Abv Gold Strength poteen is now available
  • ICE CREAM AVALIABLE. Super smooth poteen flavour available