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'Poteen gains distribution'

HARPERS: The Wine And Spirit Weekly
31 October 1997, No. 5830, Page 8
(Editor: Peter Bathe)

KNOCKEEN HILLS Poteen, the first poteen to be approved for sale to the Irish domestic market by the Irish Revenue Commissioners since 1666, has been gaining distribution in duty-free outlets in Europe and is expecting listings with European and American airlines in the near future.


Since the Revenue Commissioners withdrew opposition of Irish domestic sales on 7 March this year, Knockeen Hills Poteen has been rebadged without the warning on the labels that the product could not be sold in Ireland. Previously, possession of even just one bottle of poteen could result in a fine of up to £1,000. Knockeen Hills Poteen, a 45 per cent ABV product, was the only poteen in production when the ruling was changed, although it could not be sold legally in Ireland. The white spirit is now listed by AerRianta in its duty-free outlets at the Channel Tunnel terminals and is also carried by P&O ferries on the Dover/Calais, and Larne/Cairnryan routes, according to the main EU distributor, Vins Français.

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